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Dedicated Mac as a Service

Runs In Our

99% Up-time

Data Centers


Making the Mac

Simply Affordable

OS of Your Choice

Latest i5 & i7


Access It Anywhere
& Anytime

Model and Software
of your Choice

Pay as You Go

Support Multiple

Keep Your Data Secure
& Protected


24 x 7 x 365

Enterprise Class

Power, Rackspace &



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& Invoicing

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Crazy Mocha is our DMaaS offering. DMaaS stands for Dedicated Mac as a Service.
Our users can access Mac Mini hardware through the Internet across all their devices including tablets, cell phones and smart tv’s.

Hosting a Server Made Easy

Simple to deploy and manage.
The Mac Mini with OS X Server is perfect for overtaxed
IT departments & people who never thought they could run a server.

Plus it costs just $20 and running it with Crazy Switch our Simple to use Control Panel makes it a breeze.

You want a Mac—or at least try one out—but you don’t want
your friends to think you’ve become one of those Apple-
owning hipsters you’re always making fun of. Crazy Mocha lets
you use a Mac without losing your Windows cred. Crazy
Mocha allows PC users to explore and experience the latest
Mac OS with minimal investment and instant access. Its a
Mac so go ahead with your impulse and we promise you wont
regret it.

Experience a New Mac
before You Buy One

The conventional wisdom is that Macs are expensive and your
kids should wait till a certain age when they should get one.
Well now you can get a perfectly good Mac for cheap: the
Crazy Mocha can do everything its bigger, more expensive
Mac brothers do for a fraction of the price. Plus since there are
no contracts if your’e not happy you can always cancel your

Say Yes to Junior,
You know he Deserves it.

Watch exactly what you want to watch when you want to
watch it. Turn your TV into a powerful media device and shake
the feeling that you’re, well, sitting in front of a computer. Not
only can it play locally stored music, video, and slideshows, but
it can also bring you any media found on the Internet, including
streaming TV programming, movies, and music.

Make Your Smart TV Smarter

Making a Mac. Truly Portable.

Wherever you Go. Your Mac Goes With You.
Access your Mac on the go from your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or Android device.

76 Million

Total Number of Mac Users.
Are You Next?

Lightning Fast

All-new high performance i5 & i7 servers.

You’d Love This

No contracts, No hidden fees.

Deploy a Mac Mini with Crazy Inc. Today! It’s super simple
and easy to get started!